This is actually the first time I update this blog via a television set, which is done from a hotel room in Cardiff, or Caerdidd if you happen to be speaking Welsh. (Someone should however do some serious usability testing on these keyboards. Not only are they small and uncomfortable – the arrow keys are thinner than Kate Moss’ silhouette and I have yet to find the Tab-key – but the mouse-and-right-click-and-left-click system is just ridiculous.

Still, this is a bit along the way of what interactive television should look like. The system is apparently called eTV – as good a name as any – and functions all in all pretty well. Except you cant get to all the webpages you want to go to, the resolution is like one on a frightened 386 PC with Windows 3.1, there is no sight of IPTV, the possibilites are limited.

Still, better than what I have at home, I must admit. Looking forward to something like this, only better, reaching my neighbourhood.

Caerdidd btw is a nice city. Especially down by the harbor, where lots and lots of new and interesting buildings have sprung up over the past few years – the Assembly, the Red Dragon and of course The Welsh Millennium Centre. Two things though – “Millennium” sounds awfully late 90s, and the gigantic thing on top of the entrance is just plain silly. Must’ve been a good laugh, though.

Aberystwth tomorrow, looking forward to it.

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