For everyone wondering what to buy their loved ones for their next birthday, look no further than the ORGASMATRON. No, it’s not really excactly what it sounds like – but quite close 🙂

And, if you haven’t got quite enough of stuff already, and feel like doshing out some 10€ on some totally useless bling, go get this little indispensible thingee – who wouldn’t want a monkey dancing everytime you receive an SMS?

And for those things you really CAN do without, check out TechEBlogs list of seven gadgets you would NOT want to be seen using. Amazing stuff.

Gadgets. Gotta love’em.

* * *

On another, still funny note – have you ever wanted to write a speech for George W. Bush? Now’s your chance! Interestingly enough – however I try to put silly wordcombinations together, it still sounds like the real thing… scary 🙂

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