Back in business

Back in Vasa, which is nice. Wales was pretty good too. Will upload some photos to my Flickr-page, so’s anyone interested can have a look.

Even managed to bring home some cans of Ddraig Dwbl – Double Dragon Ale, which in my opinion is rather nice. But security at airports nowadays, it’s just no fun anymore. Having purchased a bottle of 14y Scapa at Heathrow, the clerk forgot to put it in a sealed bag for me, and I forgot to ask for such a bag. Hence, coming to Arlanda, I had to pass through another security check to get to the proper terminal and gate. Alas, though, since the UNOPENED bottle of Scapa was not in a sealed and stamped bag, I could not bring it through security. Since all reasoning fell on deaf ears, I had to go out through customs and check my bottle in separately. Wrapped in acres of plastic it even somehow managed to travel from Stockholm to Vasa wihtout breaking.

Sometimes, it would be good if one could reason with people.

* * *

One of the photos on my Flickr-page is of a huge congregation of starling in the skies above Aberystwyth. For some pretty funky moving images of this phenomena, check Rhodris blog, and the uppermost YouTube-feed.

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