What do you want transmedia to do for you?

Transmedia is a buzzword to many. For others,it’s a word that promises gateways into new experiences. For yet others, it’s aterm that is filled with challenges and possibilities on a storytelling and creative level. It all comes down to one simple question: what do you want transmedia to do for you?

Do you want transmedia methods to help you raise a serious amount of interest before the launch of something? Can do:

Do you want transmedia to help you raise awareness about some critical issues that the world is facing, if not today then surely tomorrow? Can do:

Do you want transmedia to help you, in acoherent and logical and compelling way, bridge the gaps between releases of different series or episodes of your main product? Can do:

HBO’s ‘True Blood’ is pretty good at keeping their fangbangers happy.

Do you want to use transmedia to give your audience the possibility, reasons and tools to start creating and participating themselves? Can do:

Do you want transmedia to help you redefine your company, your work description or your image? Can do:

Stories are made for transmedia
Basically, transmedia is there for anythingand anyone that has a story they want people to hear, no matter if these peopleare an audience, collaborators, subcontractors, potential buyers or someoneelse. Using transmedia storytelling methods will help anyone design and developfor multiple media and multiple entry points in a much more coherent, engagingand logical way than if not using said methods.
On the other hand, there is nothing that saysany project anywhere HAS to go to transmedia methods. Just be honest withyourself and your project – what do you want transmedia to do for you?

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