TV Entertainment Forum

Just back from London where i had the chance to take part of the TV Entertainment Forum, thanks to winning the Entertainment Twitch competition over at Combined Mind’s web portal.

As a brief reflection on the day, I found it totally instructive as the heads of commissioning from all major broadcasters told the audience more or less what they were looking for, for which slots and what the budgets might look like. To put it briefly, most are looking to go into the cross media field (not quite transmedia yet, but getting there) with C4:s and Endemols The Million Pound Drop as a prime example. Sky are continuing with their “Fewer, Bigger, Better” policy, whereas BBC is looking for new talent and “crazy ideas”, ITV wants scaled entertainment and C4 is looking for new talent both on screen and behind the scenes.

Recession or no recession, if you’re active in the UK television industry, it looks like there’s a bit of money laying around, waiting to be put into work in new and exciting shows. Go get’em tiger!

How did it go for me and my pitch? We’ll see, but some healthy leads at least 🙂

3 thoughts on “TV Entertainment Forum

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