Mobile television – going anywhere?

We’ve had DVB-H, we’ve had DMB, we’ve had lots of stuff for mobile television. Some of the solutions have been fairly successful, like DMB in South Korea, or have had a strong backing, like DVB-H in many parts of the world. Still, it’s not like there would be a consensus on what should be the all-conquering technology.

Now yet another player is emerging on the market – it’s NXVisions product, coming out of Dunfermline in Scotland, that will try to enable smart phones to become mobile television sets. The project sounds fairly innovative; it focuses on the new generations of set top boxes and their added processing power, helping them to transcode programs to be streamed or loaded as files onto mobile devices. This then is a bit like Slingshot, but without the need to buy yet another box.

Time will tell if this venture works out, but I wouldn’t mind testing one of these thingees… if anyone’s got one spare somewhere 🙂

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