CSI:NY vs Second Life – how did it go?

Well, being situated in Finland I had a bit of a problem catching the CSI:NY program itself, so haven’t seen that one. I did, however, log on to Second Life to have a look around, and yes, in that end Electric Sheep made it all work pretty darn well.

Judging by the response from some other people blogging about this, the television version was still mostly a muck-up when it came to the whole cross media shebang – or rather, the fact that 99% of all that is shown on television is fake. So too with regards to what was included about Second Life in yesterdays episode. For a better review from someone who actually watched the show, read this.

What would be good would for the television end of the production chain to start listening to the internet (or in this case, Second Life) end of the chain a little bit more. It is not possible to create a good all-encompassing experience that gives both worlds justice unless you let both parts influence each other to a great enough extent.

For an interview with Anthony Zuiker, creator of the CSI brand and the guy with the idea of going into SL from the start, check this out.

As for viewer ratings, I haven’t seen any yet, nor any figures for how many people signed up as Second Lifers yesterday. Will post as soon as I have them.

Well – to sum it up, a nice enough effort. As well, it will continue with new mysteries every month, so hopefully no end to it but a continuing presence in SL. Just get the tv part to work together with it a bit better, please?

Yup, that’s a faceless CSI-corpse on the floor, alright.

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