Successful tv formats, part 4

Finally, the next instalment in the series. What do you mean, “what series?”?!?!?! My series on how to create a successful tv format, that’s what series! 🙂

4. Think XMedia, think TMedia… think BIG!

The idea is there, the market SHOULD be there, everything is more than alright. Yup, but don’t forget to think a bit bigger than this.

In todays world, television in and of itself continues to be the most important media, financialwise. But looking at what people are doing, they’re spending way more time on their computers or on their smartphones than by the television. This has been the case for quite a while now, and as the tech-savvy 80’s generation slowly matures (or do they?) and give way to the first Internet generation of the 90s, the trend will just become clearer and clearer.

Whatever you do, therefore, be sure to think of all the possibilities. Could your magnificent quiz show also be re-appropriated for mobile use as a stand-alone quiz show game? Could your ingenious travel format live it’s own life on the Internet during the 4 months it’s off air between seasons?

Once you’ve developed these ideas, be sure to look them over once more. It’s not enough that they are great and working nicely on different media, you would also ideally need to have a sound business plan at hand. How does the producer / broadcaster / service provider / you make money out of this? Where’s the financial windfall?

Once you’ve got all this wrapped up, you’re well on your way to a very nice format.

(“XMedia” and “TMedia”? It’s “cross media” and the new hype word “Transmedia”, of course. Read a good definition by EBU:s Nicoletta Iacobacca from last spring at Lunch over IP.)

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