10 secrets behind successful tv formats – no 10

This is a list I’ve been thinking of writing for a while now. It’s a list of the ten things I believe are the most important when it comes to developing and selling a tv format. This list will probably be updated in the future, but this is how it stands right now. In no particular order – the countdown begins here:

10. Know your own strengths and get people in to compensate for weaknesses.

No one can do it all by themselves. Well, Rambo can, but that’s him. And you’re NOT Rambo (probably).

Some people are creative brains. Some are good salesmen. Others can work magic with numbers and economic figures. Ideally, you’d need a team consisting of all these types of persons – the creative minds coming up with the ideas, the salesperson getting sponsors in and selling the formats to productions companies and tv channels, and the economy guy keeping everything in check.

If you’re starting out, however, chances are this is not very possible. But you still have a GREAT idea for a tv show! Well – get someone else in as well. Just make sure that this person is not too alike you. What you need is different perspectives on things, someone to question your ideas and come up with new viewpoints, and vice versa. There will be a great many people that will have to like your idea before it’s on air somewhere, and very few of them are likely to be carbon copies of you.

…tomorrow, number 9 on the list!

One thought on “10 secrets behind successful tv formats – no 10

  1. Dear Simon,Your 10 part successive TV format series was very informative and interesting.I am trying to create a TV Format Market in South Korea which is almost non existentCan you continue the series or give me some more tips? ThanksAny help would be appreciated

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