Easter bunny came to visit

…and brought a lot of FLU!!

I do not like being ill. Not only does it sap all my strength and make me pretty miserable to live with, it also interferes with all plans made up by me and mine.

On the other hand, today was a beautiful winters day – a bit cold, but hey, better that way!

happy easter everyone, and have lots of chocolate eggs!

One thought on “Easter bunny came to visit

  1. Simon,Yes, the flu is not a very pleasant thing.Do as your Staffans relations do in New Zealand…get an influenza injection.They mostly work, though some people do complain they contract the flu after the jab.We also buy a remedy from the apothetik called Buccaline which has been around 40 years.It helps against colds and flu,but it does seem to give some protection from influenza,though the medics will not admit this.Keep well,Roland

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