Cross media and television, match made in heaven

Tonight on CBS there’ll be something pretty nice to look forward to, for all the viewers in the US and all Second Life players worldwide. See, what they’re doing is basically widening the CSI:NY brand into Second Life, which at first glance has the definite ability to be awesome. Although there are some who think it really doesn’t 🙂

Tonights episode will feature in and moreover continue in Second Life. Wonder what that’ll be like 🙂 . As a first, I have great hopes for this – lets just hope it doesn’t run out of steam like, say, The Lost Experience or something suchlike.

This is what I’d like to be doing with my tv projects as well. Anyone got a couple of millions of €€ to give away?

Preview of tonights CSI:NY Second Life extravaganza. Looks nice!

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