VeohTV – what’s that all about then?


ehh.. well, yes. Just got into work early Thursday having had a farewell-bash for colleague Tommy who’s leaving us to go to Stockholm and work with eye-tracking cameras and stuff. So, slightly hungover and very tired, I open my mailbox to find myself invited to betatest VeohTV, internet-based television.

Yet another one, you think? Yeah, that’s what I thought too. But VeohTV has got some features that I like. First off, it’s a free software. Just install and watch,
basically. What do you watch then? Not broadcast tv, of course, but clips on the web, from all sorts of sources – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, YouTube, MySpace, Google, Yahoo… you name it. VeohTV has a funky EPG which learns what you usually like to see and recommend stuff that you might also want to check out (haven’t tried that yet, will be interesting to see how it works, if it’s really intelligent or not) and of course the nifty feature of being able to record the material onto your computer.

Verdict? None yet. But with all the Joosts and Babelgums and Joox and Stage6, I am seriously beginning to wonder who’ll come out on top in the end. Perhaps someone will buy them all and mash them up into a great big next-great-big-thing-thing?

Will get back to VeohTV once I’ve had the chance to try it out a bit more.

On another note – CONGRATULATIONS to fellow Finns Saku et al at Broadcasters / Zodiak! Their format “Pin Code” (basically – there are lots of money on a bank account, the contestants must find out the correct pin code to get to the money) has been optioned into several territories – including the US and Spain. Well done – perhaps the Finnish television business is going somewhere finally?

On the other hand, our format “The Space Trainees” is optioned into three territories, including Australia and Poland, so we’re not that far behind 🙂

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