When two worlds combine

As a developer of interactive and cross media tv formats, I find it really interesting what production company and format developers Endemol and their partners at gaming firm Electronic Arts are up to at the moment. It’s called “Virtual Me” and will “bridge the gap between computer games and television shows”, as the companies put it in the release statement earlier this spring.

It’s quite simple, really. The viewer can create his or her own avatar online (much like for instance Second Life), through software provided by Electronic Arts. With this avatar, the viewer can then participate in virtual versions of top tv shows, like “Fame Academy” or “Deal or no Deal”, as provided by Endemol.

Pretty neat, right? For once, everyone can be on television. Well, virtual television that is. Just goes to say – the imagination is the limit when it comes to the new forms of entertainment, freely crossing over media borders and creating new and exciting possibilities.

Virtual Me will premiere in connection with hit format “Big Brother” soonishly. Keep your eyes peeled!

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