Sex really really sells

A word of advice to anyone going into the media business, especially the new forms of media like interactive television or mobile television – if you want quick cash and a rocket ride to fame and fortune, go for sex. Don’t try to do anything noble or challenging like making interactive edutainment formats for kids or better the world in any way. Just go for sex.

I would presume, for instance, that Playboy TV:s new series “Happy Nude Girls”, premiering in the US in mid-January, will be a success. If you look at what people are searching for on Google, the major part has something to do with sex. And for successful stories from the mobile television world, look no further than prize-winning effort “Czech My Tits”, where short clips downloadable to your mobile phone shows how Czech girls show their bosoms for 20 euros.

Do I like it? Sex – yes. The über-sexualisation of the media – no. Guess that’s why I’ll stick to them hard-earned cash to be made in the edutainment industry…

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