What next in the content website-business?

Reports today say that content giants NBC and CBS are in talks about creating a content website to rival YouTube, as an ad-funded effort. At the same time, YouTube are preparing to cough up a lot of money to be able to offer Fox’s content on YouTube. Not to mention the countless other, smaller video content websites to be found on the Wild Wild Web.

What we have is a supply that probably will outdistance demand significantly in the near future. There just isn’t people enough on this Earth, at least not people with enough time on their hands to be able to look at all the content that is and soon will be available. But Darwinism is a nice thing – most will fail and fall, and at the end we’ll have three or four gigantic services with enough content to keep the entire Earths population glued to the screen for their entire lifetimes.

Which sort of gives me the creeps. I just read that the average US teenager spends 72 hours per week on watching media. I can’t help but think that should those teenagers spend those hours socializing, talking to people, go out camping, do sports, write novels, fight global warming, help an ant over a tree trunk, whatever… And the world would, perhaps, be a better place.

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