And the lion shalt sleep with the lamb

Going legitimate is the latest fad amongst people and companies in the P2P-business. Just look at the news in today, about the (slightly infamous) BitTorrent – having readily made themselves synonymous with the downloading and P2P-sharing of hundreds of terabytes of copyrighted material, they’ve now started their U-turn towards working with the industry full time.

From BitTorrents point of view they’ve never done anything but work with the industry, of course. But ask anyone who’s anyone in said industry – especially some months ago – what they thought about BitTorrent and phrases like “the big Satan” and “evil piratism killing the industry” would probably be the first ones to come out.

Now, however, things are-a-changing. BitTorrent are closing deals with nearly all major content providers, offering stuff from 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Paramount, MTV Networks etc etc.

As I see it iTunes and all the other download-content-services will have to look out. There are millions and millions of users using BitTorrent as their preferred means to download content – and with starting to offer a legitimate way of getting this content, I think quite a few will, at least, try the service out. With the technical reliability of torrents, this might be a fairly attractive alternative. Only thing is getting the people to pay their 99 cents for that episode of Jericho, which they can get from The Pirate Bay for free.

Interesting, it will be.

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