Strix in the US

A quick sweep of todays news from the TV industry gives reason to say a big, heartfelt “congrats!” to Swedish production company Strix – no mean feat to break into the US television market.

And, if you haven’t got anything to do in early March next year, happen to have a fair amount of cash laying around and are interested in the new forms of TV distribution, why not go to London? Would be really interesting to see and hear what the major players think of the future of the IPTV market… Seeing as we have over 1 billion tv households in the world at the moment, and forecasts for IPTV are looking at 25 million IPTV households in some years time… well, that’s still only 2,5% of the total tv market.

What I’m trying to say is that we have new technologies popping up right and left, and everyone going crazy about them. But for the forseable future, the traditional forms of distributing television are still the ones who rule.

So let’s all just chill a bit, right? 🙂

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