Happy new year 2010

Been a while – decidedly more active on Twitter at the moment, and on the MediaCity Posterous blog (if I find something interesting to share…)

Still, a happy new year 2010 to everyone! I can’t help but think that this will be the year when we see massive upheaval somewhere in the world – what with Spain, Greece, Iceland, Vietnam, Japan etc on the brink of disaster, with the US markets spiraling out of control along the massive amounts of debt they are accumulating, what with terrorism on the rise, what with new currencies challenging the dollar, what with unemployment reaching record levels around the globe… something will have to give. And I don’t think it will be pretty.

I would think/hope that Finland is far away enough not to be drawn into anything that will occur. Still, it will affect us, of course. And if it’s big enough, there’s no avoiding it.

And yet – lots of people, most people in fact, are busy living their lives, creating marvellous stuff, laughing with friends and raising their children. Why can’t it continue like that? We would need to eradicate greed from the face of the earth….

My New Years resolution will be just that. I will not be greedy, not ONCE, during 2010. I will give. Simply because giving enriches you in ways taking never can.

Have a good year. Let’s all hope for the best.

3 thoughts on “Happy new year 2010

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