Back from vacation + Miniwebs new effort

So, back at the desk then, quite a lot of projects in the air at the moment (and one of them going to be ON air as well, next month, more about that one when I have some links to post).

Trying to get to grips with how the economy is affecting the tv and media industries at the moment. It’s quite clear that revenues are way down. Still, channels and broadcasters must fill the schedules with SOMETHING. Some shows are being extended (Dancing with stars nowadays 2h show for instance, in the US that is), also reruns, and non-scripted (cheap) formats. The latter category is where we fit in, I believe.

Just read a bit about Miniweb and their partnership with Metrological, bringing yet another new effort in the field of interactive television to the market. What differs this time around is the fact that their effort is looking pretty good… 🙂 TO quote their press release:

“The combination of the Miniweb platform, Metrological’s middleware and hardware platform with the Intel CE 3100 provides, for the first time, an end-to-end platform for the delivery of a fully converged high-quality broadband and broadcast experience. This platform will be as equally attractive to Internet Service Providers looking to converge broadcast content with their existing broadband offering as it will be with cable, satellite and DTV operators that want to combine broadband enabled OTT video with their existing broadcast services. This platform includes support for web-style interaction; centralized video search & recommendations, community functionality as well as advertising and payments services. The platform is now integrated and ready to order now on a 2 month delivery.”

The key might be that this works, looks good, is (hopefully) easy to use and possible to produce for. I’d dearly like to try it out, so any Miniwebpeople out there, gimme a shout 🙂

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