Workshop at EuroITV 2009

Talking about experiences the whole day, which is interesting. No matter if you’re a designer, a developer, a researcher or a producer, what you are aiming for and looking to research into is a desired experience amongst the users.

To put it briefly, what we’ve come up with so far is that you have a content accessible via an interface. Accessing this is an action that causes a reaction in or even an interaction from the viewer / user. This reaction or interaction is then influenced by all the personal aspects – preferences, gender, needs etc. All in all, this generates the experience – good, bad or neutral. Then we also of course have all the external factors, from the world around. And the key question, at least for us as developers, would then be how to make money (or rather a viable business / revenue plan) from all of this.

Let’s see what the afternoon brings 🙂

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