Back! Watchmen, summer, interactivity and all that

Hi! Back from a LONG vacation – which actually is not over yet, as I still have 1 week to go. Then I’m all out of vacation, and back in business.

First on the agenda – finish a paper for the DREAM conference in Odense, Denmark in mid-September. If you have the chance to attend, please do – looks like it’s going to be pretty interesting stuff.

Also: WATCHMEN, the classic Alan Moore-comic from the 80s, one of the first comics that really could be considered graphic novels rather than comics, is coming out soon – well, March 2009 supposedly – with Zac Snyder of “300” fame directing. I really cannot wait. Even if Alan Moore himself has said that he’s “never going to watch that fucking thing”.

Summers been nice. Lots of fishing and swimming and traveling and time with the family. Great all in all. And Iron Maiden live in Helsinki – that was pretty neat, even if it was as unpredictable as the weather in Sahara.

Now off, kids to bed. Later.

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