3G iPhone , Geni, tv pilots and more…

… how to keep up? 🙂

Firstly, great news from Apple. The new and improved 3G iPhone is on its way, in an 8 Gb and an 16 Gb version. Moreover, we’ll be looking at funky packages on offer by the operators – O2 in the UK, for instance, has some fairly attractive offers lined up. Goddamit, why did I go and buy a Nokia N95? Well, have to make do I guess.

Stumbled upon the nice little family tree / genealogy website called Geni, a handy tool for anyone who wants to get their family tree up and running. Fairly intuitive, easily managed, the possibility to go into great detail if necessary – it’s all there. I like the “never shared, never spammed” motto they have on their opening page – on the other hand I am still a bit careful not to submit other peoples e-mail addresses, not even relatives. Facebook is sucky enough today, I don’t need something else spamming everyone I care about.

I did promise to keep you up to date regarding the tv pilot we shot last week. It’s now being edited and it’s going to be really great! It’s a football quiz show called Game On, and I’ll give you all a link to a trailer for the format as soon as it’s edited. Good feeling though, I believe that format can go places.

On another note, still slightly similar, I’ll be heading off to Austria for the European Championships in football next Sunday. I’ll watch Poland-Croatia and Russia-Sweden, so hopefully some great goals and a magical atmosphere, pretty please. Spain to win the tournament! Yes! Torres the scorer in the final. Double Yes!

I’m off to bed now. Last links though – if you want to understand what’s going on in the world of economics, why the world is in a pretty shitty state at the moment in the economical sense and why it all is the fault of president Bush, look no further than the Calculated Risk blog or the insightful discussion on the Market Ticker Forum. You see, the world is changing, and not for the better, not with regards to economics. I will not mind the day when everything has to change because there is no more oil, but I believe some other people will mind. Just beware, and prepare, ok?

Until later.

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