DVB-H or not DVB-H?

How much should a governmental body regulate the businessworld? That’s a question lots of people – and governments and businesses alike – have been asking themselves throughout the ages. With regards to mobile tv, that question is being asked again, as the EU now puts its full (and considerable) weight behind the DVB-H standard for mobile tv broadcast.

This means that all 27 member states of the EU are required to support DVB-H and encourage the standard for mobile television. As can be imagined, the competition is less than excited – Korean standard DMB being one, Qualcomms Mediaflo another.

Still, rumours have it that not everyone is particularly happy with this resolution. BSkyB, for instance, are said to be eager to go with Mediaflo, despite EUs suggestions. So, there we are again – a world of competing standards. Don’t you just love it? No, me neither.

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