VeohTV tried and tested

Well, as I wrote earlier, I’m starting to feel a little bit like them animals tucked up in cages that they test new make up products on… only difference is, I’ve signed myself up for all these tests… silly me.

So – betatesting Joost, Babelgum, and now VeohTV. VeohTV differs from the other two in the sense that it’s more web-based, which is both good and bad. It has a more webby feeling to it as well – while both Joost and Babelgum are attempting to be IP-television on your computer, VeohTV feels – to me – more like an attempt to be a smooth and easily managed interface to all the content that is on the web. I mean, at the same time as you can watch episodes of Heroes, 24, CSI or Jericho (the latter only if you’re US-based though) you can browse sites like YouTube, VideoGoogle or watch WebcamGirls (woohoo!) – i.e. pretty much everything that the web has to offer.

And here then is part of the problem – the web contains quite a lot. So if you’re really trying to kill time, you can just start pretty much anything, bare with the (slightly annoying but obligatory) commercials at the beginning of each and any clip (and sometimes the ads are longer than the bloody clip!) and just watch away.

For me, this does not work. As we all know, the web is full of really shite content, which makes VeohTV an interface to more easily get your hands on really shite content. Not something I need. Added to that, the quality is often abysmal. Pixelation is just the first word, I could come up with a dozen more I think.

VeohTV prides itself on having a funky recommendation feature – it logs what you watch and then recommends stuff that you might want to watch based on that information. Still, for me, as there’s so much crap there and I simply click on a couple of links to see what they really are, quickly shutting them down after not liking what I saw, the recommendations get a bit skewed. I believe this could be helped if I could be bothered to ass different clips to my favourites etc, basically showing what I like, but honestly – I can’t be bothered.

Some good things though – most clips have a short summary in the title, which helps a lot. The interface is easy to understand and even easier to use – good usability there!

For my money though, so far, it’s Joost who’s the leader in the IP based television service. Or, if you’re feeling like being on the shady side of the law, perhaps Joox instead?

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