Joost the next generation

The more I test (or watch, rather) Joost, the more I would like it to be:

– HD quality
– loadsa more content
– equipped with a much more advance GUI and possiblities to program / record / whatever
– have a lot of funky widgets (the kind that you use twice a year but are really essential to have)

and all sorts of other stuff. With that, I’d be a happier person. At least until I find something else to bitch about.

* * *

Last ice-fishing expedition yesterday was a success (as in “we didn’t go through the ice and drown”), yet still a failure (as in “the bloody fish eluded us while the grandpa sitting 20 meters from us was hauling fish after fish”)

Well, season’s over now, so next time it’ll be with some other, more familiar gear.

Our non-existant fishing luck might have something to do with our bait, as the maggotts had somehow died during the night. Quite frankly, were I a fish I wouldn’t eat those either 🙂

* * *

Election day yesterday in Finland. My candidate did not win, but it was fairly close. And no, despite all the results from the “test-which-candidate-thinks-like-you” web tests, I did not vote for the communist party.

* * *

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