Think about it

Off for a short vacation with the family in just a couple of hours, going skiing.

Which is nice.

Just stumbled upon this web page though, and it’s just too disturbing not to give it a little bit of added publicity. It’s about the aftermath of the Chernobyl catastrophy, and it shows a world where nothing has been the same since 1986, where infants are still born with terrible diseases and disfigurations, where some areas must be closed off for a further 900 (!) years due to contamination… and this is just one place. How many nuclear reactors are there in the world? How much waste is being put into the ground, do slowly decompose for 100.000 years? How on earth can we be this bloody stupid? It didn’t work when we were seven years old and told to clean up our room, to just push all the toys under the bed and try to forget about them – how can we expect it to work now??

I’m feeling a little bit upset at the moment. If we could just take, for instance, 1% of the money being shoveled at the disaster that is the current situation in Iraq, and instead use it to try to develop new and environmentally sound ways of generating energy, we could close down most nuclear power plants within five years. SO WHY CAN’T IT BE DONE??!!

Hmrpf. Let’s all get together and do something, ok? I’m tired of NOT doing something.

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