A change in the power hierarchy?

…or just a small ripple on the water?

Looking to the Scandinavian TV market, which by default is a pretty small one compared to the big ones out there, there are a few relatively big players on the scene. Aside from the public service broadcasters – big in their own right, but not really into the market-side of it all – you have amongst others the fairly big Zodiak Television World, sporting a growing content library, format catalogue and increasing international sales. Now, though, the second person to leave Zodiak and head for competitors Nordisk Film is former Zodiak VP Jan Salling. This coming hot on the heels of Nordisk Film announcing the creation of a new company – Co+TV, in cooperation with advertising agency Co+Hogh – focusing on the development of creative content and tv formats for the international market, it smells like the competition is heating up a bit.

Guess who’s leading this foray into new territories? Jacob Houlind, who left Zodiak in 2006 for Nordisk Film. So, expect interesting times in the Scandinavian TV market in the coming months…

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