More and more mobile television

Looks like everyone and their grandmother are convinced that mobile television is da sh*t, at least if you look at all the new offerings jumping up left and right. In the UK, for instance, you have 3 and mobile media company Player X teaming up to offer the properly named Geek TV. The channel offers made-for-mobile content, but also full length tv shows, like Miami Vice. I’d like to watch that, if I could…

In other news from the mobile tv market, analysts at ABI Research predict that the emerging market in China will have 32 million mobile video users by 2008. That’s quite a lot. The major upswing for mobile video in China is thought to be the Olympics in 2008 – I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch women shot put qualifiers on their 1,5″x1″ screens? I for one will be glued to my mobile.

To conclude – it just doesn’t look like mobile tv is going to go away. So for all of us in the content industry, there is just one thing left to do: figure out how to make good content for the smallest of screens. Piece of cake, right? Right.

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