Weird stuff

Seasons greetings all around. Prompt? Quite.

For the festive season, for when you are slightly bored with “taking it easy” and “kicking back and relaxing”, but it’s not yet late enough for you to say “ok I’m off!” and head down to the pub – here’s a couple of odd things.

First of all, the moving thingees. Look at the dot in the middle, move your head backwards and forwards (and by all mean, use a webcam to broadcast it all over :).

Secondly, a pretty funny clip. Helps if you know Swedish, though.

Thirdly, on a slightly more serious note – for every aspiring writer, a really good forum to get a feedback on your stuff. And I mean, every aspiring writer has been saying for the last 3-4 months that “oh, it’ll be good to take some time off ’round Christmas and really get some writing done”. We … eh, I mean, THEY never do, however 🙂 The forum is created (I think) and supported by Orson Scott Card, so there’s quite a level of professionalism involved as well.

Right, Merry Xmas!

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