It’s them little things…

Put aside all thoughts of Mobile television, of tv shows filled with user-generated content, of hype words like “360 commissioning” and stuff like that.

Just think – “mobile phone”. Yep, that’s right. It’s the portable thingee that lets you stay in touch with the rest of the world quite easily (as long as the battery hasn’t run out).

Now – operator O2 in the UK have just launched a pretty nifty little thing. It’s called My Bluebook, is totally free, and lets the user load up images and text messages to a server for storage and for possible sharing with other people. The upload happens via SMS.

In the future, O2 is planning to include Outlook-synchronization, videoclips, address book backups etc.

In my opinion, this is neat. The worst thing that can happen to your average citizen today – if not counting serious disease or major accident – is that the phone dies or gets nicked. All of a sudden you have no numbers, no contacts, no archived SMS:s, no pictures… it’ll take you days and days just to get your new phone on track.

So, the prize for the “Sensible Solution of the Week” goes, hands down, to O2. Congrats!

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